Membership And Fees

Sign up today for a lawn bowls club membership in Hervey Bay

A lawns bowls club membership offers you many benefits! It can provide you with a fun social activity and a gentle way to stay fit and healthy. Most importantly, joining a lawn bowling club gives you the chance to meet new friends and interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. Hervey Bay Bowls Club wishes to extend an invitation to all members of the community in Hervey Bay. This club seeks to help our members enjoy themselves whilst also valuing their patronage. Membership of the bowls club is administered by our Board of Directors. Our board is affiliated with Bowls Queensland and all other states and administrated by Bowls Australia, which allows you to play on any affiliated B.A. green.
Your membership gives you full insurance cover, the right to use all bowling greens and voting in the administration of the club. If you have recently moved to the area you may play in club games and have all members benefits, but your membership cannot be transferred until you have a clearance from your previous club. Hervey Bay Bowls Club welcomes all visitors and new members with open arms. Details on membership options are provided below.

Membership Options

Full Club Bowls MembershipClub Social Membership
Nomination fee: $25.00
(Application form has a 14 day notice period)
Balance of fees to be paid when membership is passed by Board of Management.

Break-down of fees for men. Per Annum
Total yearly amount due: $120.00 (Includes all affiliation fees)

Break-down of fees for women. Per Annum
Total yearly amount due: $120.00 (Includes all affiliation fees)

A new bowler must be assessed for bowls etiquette and bowling green procedures, by either a coach or 2 men’s or ladies committee members, before being allowed to participate in club games. Coaching is free of charge, but must be booked in advance with available coaches.

This allows you to be part of our club and gives you access to our poker machines, bar service and other facilities. Playing bowls is not permitted unless it is during a club designated barefoot bowls day.

The fee is $30.00 for 5 years or $6.00 for 1 year.

Many of our members are very pleased to help new bowlers and new social members and will always make you feel welcome.